Truth Conference 2016


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We are excited to announce that Dr. Jeremiah Johnston will be joining us for our 6th annual Truth Conference this year. We will have the pleasure of hearing Dr. Johnston speak Sunday, June 26th through Wednesday, June 29th.jeremiah-johnston

Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston is a New Testament scholar, professor, pastor, apologist, and regular speaker on university campuses, at churches, and at conferences. His passion is equipping Christians to give intellectually informed accounts of what they believe. To find out more about Dr. Johnston visit his website, and follow him on Twitter. Here is the schedule for this year’s Truth Conference. Be sure to mark your calendars!

Sunday, June 26th

Session I: Jesus and the Jihadis


Session II: The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus


Session III: Mental Health and the Church


Monday, June 27th

Session IV: Pain & Suffering


Tuesday, June 28th, 6:00pm

Session V: The Islamic State


Wednesday, June 29th

Session VI: Dr. Johnston’s Personal Testimony