Invest in Your Marriage

Pastor Sam Crosby
San Saba’s First Baptist Church
January 22, 2018

Marriage is holy. It was created by God in the Garden of Eden before evil had touched the world. Marriage is God’s answer to man’s need for companionship. It is God who unites a man and woman in marriage. Jesus declared, “Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate” (Matthew 19:7, NIV). Men should not interfere in the work of God, except under the most extreme cases (Matthew 19:9).

Strong marriages bless their children. Homes are stronger when husbands and wives resolve to persevere through difficult seasons, extending grace and forgiveness for failures and faults. Children from in tact families have a greater chance of a strong marriage themselves. They have been privileged to witness parents who refused to give up on their vows. Statistics show that strong families produce strong marriages in the next generation.

Every marriage has hope. Many couples have divorced only to later remarry and restore their home. A host of marriages have survived the worst kind of crisis, only to come out stronger in the end. The Bible was right when it says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). Men and women of faith have the Holy Spirit living in them, Who gives the power to exercise a greater level of love, mercy and grace. Whatever you are facing, you can make it. Your marriage can make it. Your family is worth the fight.

Marriage is a decision like love is a decision. You did not fall into marriage and you do not fall into love. You choose to love. To love your spouse is a command of God, not an uncontrolled emotion. Nor do you fall out of love. You choose every day to love the same person you chose to marry. You choose to love your spouse even in moments of conflict or disagreement. You keep on loving as a matter of choice and not feeling. Resist any feeling that seems to persuade that you love someone else. Keep on choosing to love the person you chose to marry.

Every marriage can grow and improve. Paul lists the qualities of love in I Corinthians 13. None of us displays all these qualities to the fullest extent all the time. We can be more patient. We can show more kindness. We can practice more humility. We can be less selfish. We can control our anger and forget the wrongs of others. Instead of analyzing your spouse’s faults, practice an internal review and pray that God would help you with those areas that undermine your marriage. It is God’s will that your marriage be wonderful, but it begins with you.

I invite you to join us at San Saba’s First Baptist Church for the Love and Respect Conference on February 9-10. Bring your spouse and invest two days in letting God make changes in your life and in your home.

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